13 oktober 2011

Pure Pharma lanserar i Sverige

The PurePharma Wholesale Concept from PurePharma on Vimeo.

I have been Crossfitting since 2007.
After competing at the Games 2008 I became aware of my diet and immediatedly noticed a big difference in my performance, after I had cleaned up my diet. I was recommended using fish oil because it helps with the recovery and to reduces inflammations. Which is exactly what I need to be able to focus on my training and optimizing my results.
I try to eat as clean and healthy as possible which is why I use Pure Pharma fish oil. It´s the best fish oil on the market and it helps me recover faster and train harder.

Two winners of the Games have one thing in common - They use Pure Pharma - that is all the proof I need :-)"

-Jenny Jacobsen. CrossFit European 3rd place

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